CE: World-Championship Massage Techniques (Sunday morning)

CE: World-Championship Massage Techniques (Sunday morning)


Sunday, July 14, 9am-1pm

4 CE hours, NCBTMB approved


Total tuition: $100

Deposit: $50 non-refundable deposit required to register. Balance due at time of class by cash or check made out to the presenter.


Did you know there’s a World Massage Championship event in Copenhagen, where massage therapists from over 40 countries meet and share their work? Last year, Joe Lavin’s team swept the gold, silver, and bronze with their beautiful 3-dimensional bodywork techniques. In this class, silver medal winner Tracey Windmill and Joe Lavin will join forces to teach you the techniques that were favorites at the event. 

You will learn four techniques that mesmerized the judges and blew the competition away with their power, elegance, and 3-dimensionality. You will be fluidly lifting, pulling, and turning your clients, so that the resulting effect is almost dance-like. 

With the supine pull-over, you will lift your client off of the table and cradle them while using their momentum and the body’s natural rhythms to stretch and create openings along the whole spine. This provides you with the opportunity to work on the client’s neck, shoulder and rotator cuff, and be as specific or broad as the client wishes. The prone pull-over opens up the entire front of the upper body while the client is face-down, allowing you to perform powerful and satisfying chest and pectoral work.  

You will then use the client’s legs as strategic levers to create multiple opportunities to stretch and access almost the entire body — not just the leg and hip, but also the lower back, abdomen, and even the neck. Finally, the hip flip will allow you to open up all of the key muscles of the pelvis by rotating the hips in both directions away from the midline. 

These techniques will elevate your massage to a world-class level — they feel wonderful, are fun to use, and your clients will love them.


Instructor: Tracey Windmill, LMT, and Joe Lavin, LMT (WA license #MA60233907)

Tracey Windmill owns Alpenglow Massage in Winter Park, Colorado, and describes herself as a mover and a groover, a lover of life and adventures, and an eternal student. She is an instructor of 3-dimensional bodywork and a Certified Phenomenal Touch Master Practitioner. Tracey has been practicing bodywork for 25 years and was certified as a naturopath in 1994 through the Southern School of Natural Therapies in her beautiful homeland of Australia. In 2018, she received a silver medal in freestyle massage at the World Championship in Massage.

Joe Lavin originally became interested in bodywork through boxing and traditional and mixed martial arts. He was a professional Muay Thai kick boxer for several years. In 2005, he attended the Northwest School of Massage in Kirkland, Washington, later teaching there. In addition to practicing and teaching massage, Joe is a certified personal trainer. He has a passion for sharing the power of touch with others, whether it is through his massage practice, his workshops or just casual conversation. To learn more about Joe, see www.touchfactormassage.com

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