Platform Tent (Tyhra)

Platform Tent (Tyhra)


$115 per adult per night

Two-night minimum.

Tall platform tents with 2 foam mats provided. 2 people per tent. (If you are 2 adults with 1 child, or 1 adult with 2 children, or a similar configuration, this option might work for you; please call Laurie at 206-250-8087 to discuss.)

When you register yourself, you are reserving a bed (foam mat) in this type of lodging. You are not reserving the entire tent, unless you are registering yourself and at least 1 other person.

Roommates: If you have lined up a roommate, they can register separately, but they should register soon after you do in order to secure their spot in your tent.

You will have the option during the registration process to specify your roommate. If you do not specify a roommate, we will assign you a roommate. 

Bedding: Bring your own bedding, unless you reserve rental bedding by July 10.

Meals: Some food items at each meal will be the "special diet" option to cover our guests’ needs for gluten-, egg- and dairy-free choices (no need to make a special reservation for this). Learn more.

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