Personal Vehicle Site (Camping, 1-2 People)

Personal Vehicle Site (Camping, 1-2 People)

from 220.00

$110 per adult per night

Two-night minimum.

Drive-in spot for your own small camper, van or truck. No water or sewer hook-up, and no power supply (generators are not permitted).

Maximum 21 feet total. (For instance, if you are towing a camper with your truck, the total length of your camper and truck together cannot exceed 21 feet.) 

Roommates: If you plan to have a roommate in your vehicle, you can register them or they can register separately. Either way, provide your roommate's name in the pop-up window during registration so that we know to assign them to the same personal-vehicle site.

Your site: No tent camping in (or near) your personal vehicle spot; when you register for this type of lodging, it means you will pull into your assigned spot and sleep in your vehicle.

Please place your vehicle (and any other belongings) ONLY in your assigned spot. Do not spread out into neighboring spots or into the forest or meadow outside of your assigned spot.

Meals: Some food items at each meal will be the "special diet" option to cover our guests’ needs for gluten-, egg- and dairy-free choices (no need to make a special reservation for this). Learn more.

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