Child Lodging (Price Varies by Age)

Child Lodging (Price Varies by Age)

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Prices are per child per night

The price depends only on the child’s age, regardless of the lodging type.

  • Ages 0-3 years, free

  • Ages 4-12, $45 per child per night

  • Ages 13-17, $60 per child per night

"Quantity" means "How many children at this age and number of nights?"

Bedding: Bring your own bedding for your child(ren), unless you reserve rental bedding by July 10.

Meals: Some food items at each meal will be the "special diet" option to cover our guests’ needs for gluten-, egg- and dairy-free choices (no need to make a special reservation for this). Learn more.

Pictured: Willy Cosmo with his dad, Joe Culhane. Photo credit: Rachel Robinson.

Child Age Range & Number of Nights:
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